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SSD Upgrades

Do you have a good computer but it seems to be slowing down? Is your faithful PC workhorse in need of a boost to get more life out of it? Is your laptop slow to start where once it was like a rocket? Well give your computer an upgrade to an SSD drive!

Dont let internet issues ruin your day They are roughly 10 times fasters than your standard hard drive (traditional IDE or SATA hard drive). There are no moving parts which makes things super fast! Your computer will boot up in seconds. Also having no moving parts makes your hard drive more robust. If you are likely to drop your laptop, with an old style HDD there is quite a good chance you are doing it damage. With an SSD there is no moving parts means bumps and knocks matter less dont destroy the hard disk. Other benefits of this cost effective upgrade include reduced noise, lower power consumption (therefore extending battery life on a laptop), and longevity.

If you have a computer that has relatively good specifications, then you can get a few more years out of your existing computer rather than upgrading to a brand new machine, saving you money!

Give us a call, we can have a quick chat and usually work out whether a SSD upgrade is right for you.

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