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Data Recovery

If your hard drive has crashed, or your system won't boot up, you may need to have your data retrieved from a non-working hard drive. Getting data back is not a guaranteed process. Unfortunately things may be unsalvageable. However, when it comes to data retrieval, we will try our best to recover your important lost files.

Dont let data loss issues ruin your day
Is your hard drive clicking or maybe your hard drive not spinning? Or maybe your USB stick has been wiped by a nasty virus?

Or perhaps, "no bootable device found", "non system disk error", Enter F1, F2 or any other key to setup up?

These symptoms can indicate a severe hard drive failure. The good news is that you have found the right place!
The PC Guy specialises in data recovery and can boast a high success rate for retrieving deleted data off hard drives of over 90%!

3 Crucial Steps to a Successful Data Recovery:
  1. Turn off computer immediately. (To prevent further possible irreparable damage)
  2. If possible have hard disk drive removed by qualified technician.
  3. Contact us today on 0439 333 449 and let The PC Guy solve your data recovery problems!