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Remote Log In Service

Having a little trouble with your computer but don't think it is bad enough to get someone out for a visit? Are you unsure of something which may be a problem, or it may just be how the program is supposed to work? Do you live in a country or remote area (and have internet) where there are no call out services available? You may need someone to diagnose your issue before you pack up your computer and take it into a shop for repair. Or just need a hand trying to find something on your computer.

Get help remotely Do you have an internet connection? If the answer is YES then you can get support by getting a remote log in call.

The best thing about our remote login service is we charge about half the rate of our regular service!

How it works is like this:
  • You will need to call us with your problem. We will need VISA or Mastercard details at the time of call.
  • We may be able to log in and look at your computer straight away, if not we will schedule a call back time.
  • You will need to download and install our remote log in software, Teamviewer, available from our downloads page.
  • We will log in whilst you are on the phone and talk through or diagnose problems.
  • Get help remotely
  • At the end of the call we will tell you the charges to your credit card and email you through an invoice.

The PC Guy will ensure your credit card details are safe; none are ever kept on file - they are deleted after every call. The Teamviewer software is used industry wide and is very safe secure software. The end user is protected by the software allocating an ID to each computer, and then upon each use there is a different password generated. A custom password can also be used if required. No one can log in remotely unless the software is running and you give them the ID and password.

Contact us today on 0439 333 449 and let The PC Guy solve your problem remotely!