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Seniors Tuition / Discounts

Seniors Tuition
Are you worried you are being left behind? Do you want to be able to be in touch with family but not sure where or how to start? Just want to learn how to send some basic emails? Don't worry, The PC Guy has helped people learn the basics (and more) to get them well on the way. You don't have to be a senior citizen either - The PC Guy has tutored ages 16 through to 85. Any age welcome!
Dont let computer issues ruin your day
We are now in the information age when an infinite amount of facts are widely available to anyone who can use a computer. But many senior citizens have a fear of computer technology. Like anything, this fear is caused by a lack of knowledge and understanding. That is where The PC Guy can help. With over 10 years of experience with personal computers and genuine caring and friendly nature, senior citizens can obtain sufficient skill in the use of computers to help them achieve anything they want to do.

Whether it be learning to use Windows, a word processor, compiling a spreadsheet, finding your way around an Apple iPad or Android smartphone, searching for information on the web, keeping in touch with loved ones by email, or using Skype or Facetime to watch their grandchildren take their first steps, no matter where in the world they are, The PC Guy can help you!

Dont let computer issues ruin your day

Seniors Discount
All Seniors are entitled to a 10% discount on the standard hourly rate. Please call for the latest rates.

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