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Small Business

Do you run a small business of under 20 employees? Keeping small business focusedIf so, you don't want to put on another staff member to look after your IT needs - especially if they are going to be under utilised. Or maybe you are a micro business trying to focus on your day to day activities and might not have time to learn all that technical stuff you need to focus on making money?

Well The PC Guy has set up and supported many small and micro businesses since 2014. From helping with MS Office, MYOB and accounting packages, setting up new computers and networks, setting up all important backups (EVERY business NEEDS them!), cloud storage systems, payment processing systems, bulk email marketing, managing email accounts, managing web pages, the list goes on...

Any time there is an issue the impact can mean business lost and therefore affect your bottom line!

Don't take the risk, get someone who has experience and has helped many small businesses.
Some of the small businesses we have helped;

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