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Internet Troubleshooting

Are you having trouble connecting to the internet? Can't read the news from your favourite site? Can't pay that bill online? Does that web page take forever? If most of what you do on your PC is online, then a slow internet connection can ruin your day!

Dont let internet issues ruin your day We can test your internet connection, for speed and continuity. You may have a loose wire, your modem may need fixing / replacing. It may be that you are not recieiving a signal from your landline connection. We can diagnose and test that your line signal is working.

You may find that your favourite web browser, be it Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera has mysteriously changed home page. When you open your web browser it nows goes to a shopping based web site rather than a regular search engine. You now recieve popups telling you that you have won a prize. Don't be disappointed, but you probably haven't.

Or that you have many different computer issues that will all be fixed if you download (and later pay for) a "cleaner" type piece of software. This can be symtopmatic of some underlying nasty software which is known as a browser hijacker.

Don't waste your precious time worrying about your internet issues!

Contact us today on 0439 333 449 and let The PC Guy solve your internet problems!