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In the computing world today backups are more important than ever!

Dont lose your data! Get a backup plan now! Today, a lot of viruses can encrypt your files making restoration near impossible. Ransomware is becoming more prevalent. (Ransomware is where a program encrypts your data making it un readable, until you pay the bad guys money - a Ransom). Also hardrives can and do fail, often without much warning. Your laptop or PC could be damaged in an accident. It could be damaged by water / liquid, a very common problem. An opportunistic thief may snatch your laptop out of your car. There are many reason why a computer can just seem to die.

If you run a small business your backups are even more critical. It is not just the data loss that will affect you, but finding outstanding money, records of previous customers, warranty claims, sales leads, stock counts, customer contact details can leave your business "flying blind" and the cost will be felt for months, possibly years. Your insurance may replace the laptop/PC that was lost/stolen/failed, but they wont replace the critical data.

Even if you are not a business user, or dont consider your self to be a "power computer user" you still need backups. There are countless home users who have lost important family pictures and videos, music, also resumes and of course emails. Depending on your email type, your ISP will only store a certain amount of emails for you before they are deleted off their servers.

If your computer is stolen and you have no backups the only option is to start again, from scratch. If your hard drive is failing / or has failed then data retreival is an option for you. But be aware it is very time consuming and therefore very expensive and is not gauranteed to work. In fact it is almost certain you will not get 100% of your files back and may only get a fraction of them back for a very big bill!

Prevention is Better than Cure

Prevention is better than cure, and this is true with backups and data retreival. Sometimes there is no warning or avoiding a computing disaster, but you can sleep easier at night knowing that if your computer went down you have what is important available to you. Restoring from a previous backup is much better, and usually significantly cheaper than trying to recover data lost.

At The PC Guy we can set up a back up system that will work for you. There are many different types of backups available, and sometimes it pays to go with more than one backup strategy. The back up type will be determined by your data needs and your budget. It pays to be proactive and backup your data for a fraction of the cost of trying to retrieve data.

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