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Virus & Malware Removal

Is your computer running slow? Are software programs loading on their own? Is your antivirus software disabled? Are you blocked from going to any of the major antivirus software providers web sites? Are there popups now telling you that you have X amount of issues with your computer, and to just “click here” to remove / fix these issues. (X is usually an astronomical amount in the hundreds or even thousands!) Has your web browser mysteriously changed from your trusted home page to a shopping web site? Are there toolbars around your web page that you didn’t want installed?

Dont let a virus spyware adware or malware ruin your day

If so, it sounds like you may have a VIRUS or MALWARE installed on your PC!

Whether you have a computer virus, worm, trojan horse, rootkit, spyware, or dishonest adware infecting your computer, The PC Guy virus and malware removal specialists can help keep your computer clean. If you have a virus, don't despair. Most viruses can be removed. And in most cases all of your data can be salvaged!

The PC Guy even offers a FREE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE that works better then most paid antivirus software solutions!


Computer viruses are small software programs written by cyber criminals that secretly spread from machine to machine. The virus attaches itself to your operating system, data files or applications. Some viruses are minor causing little disruption such as a message on your screen. Others can cause significant damage such as deleting key operating system files and some have been known to compress and encrypt your documents, making it nearly impossible to get them back. Some viruses deny you access to your computer system at all!

The virus removal specialists from The PC Guy have many tools with which to combat a virus attack. Call now on 0439 333 449 and get an expert technician to remove your virus and have your computer back up and running

Hacked / Remote login security breach from fake Microsoft page

The above video comes from scammers and is NOT legit! The web page tells the user there is an issue with the computer and directs them to a fake "Microsoft" phone number. There are some other variations which use the ATO (Australian Tax Office), Australia Post, Apple, Paypal, the big banks, and other large mutlinational companies to lure in their victims instead of Microsoft. But they are all fake! Once the user calls the number the scammers get the user to download software and let them onto their machine remotely. From there they can try many techniques to take your money. They can tell you that money needs to be transferred between bank accounts to "check" if the accounts are working. Another common one being; tell you there are a lot of errors that need fixing on your computer, and fixing will cost several hundreds of dollars! They can even try and steal your identity!

Our best advice is to hang up and unplug the computer from the network as soon as you realize it is a scam. And then call The PC Guy on 0439 333 449

The technicians at The PC Guy can make your computer secure again and provide you with written proof needed by some banks to re-open accounts. Call now on 0439 333 449


Malware is a broad term for malicious software, which can mean any virus, worm, trojan horse, ransomware, spyware or adware. Malware is generally any software which disrupts the computers operation, and can gather sensitive information stored on it. Malware can be embedded in free software and downloaded by the user unintentionally. According to McAfee there are 70 million different types of active malware programs on the internet. 2 million new malicious programs are written every month.

Whatever type of malware has infected your computer, the technicians at The PC Guy can remove it and get your PC back to working in a secure fashion.


Ransomware blocks access to your device until you pay the cyber criminals money for a code to unblock the program. Examples to recently hit Australia are the AFP /Ukash Virus and the CryptoLocker virus.

Dont let a virus spyware adware or malware ruin your day With the AFP virus, typically a user will log into their machine and after the regular Windows startup screens, the PC is locked with a message saying that illegal activity has been detected. The devices camera may even be used on the screen to show the user a picture, and make them think that either the police or the cyber criminals are able to view that picture. (It is unlikely that they can, it is just a scare tactic.) A sum of money, typically around $100 - 600AU is demanded and specified to be transferred to an Ukash account.

Cryptolocker once on the users computer will gather the users files, particularly MS Office files, picture files, and AutoCAD and encrypt them so they are unusable. The Ransomware will then demand $400US or €400 and has a 72 hour timer on screen in which time the user is asked to pay for a key to unlock their encrypted files.

Both of these nasty ransomware viruses have been removed by the technicians at The PC Guy. Data is able to be restored, although in some cases the encrypted files may be permanently lost. (We do not recommend paying the ransom as the hackers have no gaurantee of releasing your files.) The PC Guy has a good success rate at retrieving files, but backups are essential. See our backups page.


Spyware is unwanted software that is inadvertently installed on your computer designed to capture data from it. This data can be relatively innocuous like what web sites you are visiting (but it is still an invasion of your privacy!) and in extreme cases cyber criminals can capture keystrokes that could be usernames and passwords for things such as bank details.

Whatever type of spyware has infected your PC, the technicians at The PC Guy will find it and remove from your PC! Call now on 0439 333 449 and get an expert technician to clean the spyware (and other nasties) from your PC.

Trojan Horses

A Trojan often acts as a backdoor, contacting a controller which can then have unauthorized access to the affected computer. While Trojans and backdoors are not easily detectable by themselves, computers may appear to run slower due to heavy processor or network usage. Malicious programs are classified as Trojans if they do not attempt to inject themselves into other files (computer virus) or otherwise propagate themselves. Trojans can crash the computer, corrupt and delete data.

The technicians at The PC Guy can remove that nasty trojan before it causes damage.

Dont let a virus spyware adware or malware ruin your day

Browser Hijackers

Browser hijacking is the modification of a web browser's settings. The term "hijacking" is used as the changes are performed without the user's permission. A browser hijacker may replace the existing home page, error page, or search page with its own. These are generally used to force hits to a particular website, increasing its advertising revenue. Some browser hijacking can be easily reversed, while other instances may be difficult to reverse

The PC Guy has a vast experience removing browser hijacking software and setting your web browser(s) back to your preferred home page. Call The PC Guy now on 0439 333 449 and get your PC cleaned and back up and running.


Many people have trouble with Internet popups. Whether they're pornographic, spammy, or just plain unnecessary, popups are both a hassle and a danger to your computer. Popups, however, can be effectively neutralized with the right steps.

The PC Guy has technicians that can remove that popup window and let you get back to work on your computer.

Adware Removal

Most adware can be irritating, but is usually not malicious. When you download a free software program, many come with advertisements built into them. This is adware. Generally if you like and trust the free software program you put up with the ads built into it. One example of this is the Windows version of Skype. There are ads built into it, which help pay for the program itself. This type of adware is not dangerous.

Dont let a virus spyware adware or malware ruin your day Malicious Adware is different. It will display unwanted ads to the user, usually in the form of popups. It may not be obvious what application(s) are causing this to happen, as they may not be running on screen. They may be running in the background though, unbeknown to the user. They can be a major annoyance, not to mention serious security threat.

Malicious adware should always be removed. At the PC Guy we have the experience and knowledge to find that malicious adware, know what needs to be removed and do it in the best and most thorough way possible, enabling you to keep your important files, get rid of the annoying ads and have piece of mind that your computer is cleaned.

Do you want it fixed fast?

Whatever issue you are having with viruses or malware, be it a virus, worm, trojan horse, ransomware, spyware or adware, the technicians at The PC Guy have got you covered. Give them a call and they will have your computer back up and running in no time. Don't call a national call centre to be put through to an operator reading from a script. Call a Perth based business that services Perth and surrounding areas and are experts in virus and malware removal. Our technicians can give you advice about how best to approach your Virus and Malware issues!!

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